Who we are

Our organization cares about pets – each of us has at least one. We know what it’s like to lose a pet to illness. We know what it’s like to search for a new pet, the research involved in choosing the right breed for our family. We know the anguish of having a lost pet. We know all the ups and downs of being a responsible pet owner.
Because of this, we’ve started this website. We look forward to the opportunity to help a panicky dog owner reunite with her pet and to rejoice in the birth of puppies.
Join us as we build a community of pet lovers.

Our mission

To be the one place for support, in all things related to pets in Lebanon.
To offer valuable information to those pet owners seeking it.
To listen whether life is easy or hard.
To rejoice when pet owners rejoice.
For any constructive ideas regarding our mission and implementation please feel free to contact us.